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It is with mixed emotions that I write to tell you of my retirement in 2012. I've been thinking about retiring for a couple of years, and am excited to move to this new chapter of my life. But I'm sad that you have to find a new Doctor.

I have worked closely with the Providers at Northwest Women's Clinic, "NWWC", over the years, and feel they offer the kind of personal care that I as your Physician have always tried to provide.  I have great confidence in recommending that you change your gynecology care to one of the physicians or midwives within this OB/Gyn group.  There are six physicians, three midwives, and a nurse practitioner.  The group contains men and women of various ages, so I am confident that you would find a personality in this group that suits you. 


NWWC has two office locations and accepts many health plans. Their main office is one mile west of my St. Vincent office on Barnes Road, just west of Cedar Hills Boulevard. They also have an office near Good Samaritan Hospital on Lovejoy.  Their NW Portland office might be very convenient for those of you living in Vancouver or Portland. The Physicians at NWWC are Enrique deCastro, Roberto deCastro, Robin Barrett, Michael Davis, Saramati Krishna, and Rebecca Kyle. Their website is www.nwwc.com and their phone # is 503 416-9922.


Your medical records are going to be transferred to Northwest Women's Clinic where they will stay with that group for the time required by law. They will have easy access to your medical information. Or you may decide to see a Gynecologist not with NWWC, or your primary care Physician.  I've attached a self explanatory medical records release form. I recommend that you wait until you settle on a new Doctor first, and let them decide if they need your records.


Northwest Women's Clinic has agreed to help my patients obtain a short term supply (30 days) of medications if you make an appointment with one of their providers.  They will work to get you an appointment quickly with one of their providers to get refills and medical care. Or, you might choose your primary care provider, an agency like Planned Parenthood, or even Zoomcare.


I truly appreciate your confidence in me, and have been honored to work with you for
these past years (some of you for 20 years!). I wish you the best of health,



                         Randi Ledbetter, MD

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